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 Kill team project

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PostSubject: Kill team project   Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:53 am

starting up making my kill team now. the list is:

Assult terminator W/Thunder hammer + storm shield (fleet USR)
2 vanguard vets 1 lightning claw plasma pistol and jump pack 1 with just a jump pack
2 tactical marines 1 lascannon 1 plasma gun
Assult marine w/meltagun (infiltrate USR)

Vanguard Veteran: I've made and pretty much finished my vet sargent i just need to get some shiny gold paint to detail some stuff to make him stick out as a sargent and a plasma sort of blue for the Plasma pistol and a light blue for the lightning claws (though i may make the claws gold).

Second regular vanguard veteran: Not started

Both tactical marins: not started

Assult marine: not started

Assult terminator: not started
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Kill team project
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