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PostSubject: RAF TOURNIE BATTLE REPORT   Mon Apr 09, 2012 11:36 pm

Right lads I promised that I’d bat rep the weekend so here goes.

The 400 pt combat patrol was against necrons.

His army comprised of a warrior squad, and a squad of 6 wraiths.

The hydra, chimeras opened up on the wraiths in the first turn killing a few the ratlings and the sanctioned psykers pinned the warriors.

His first turn was uneventful as all he could do was to run forward with the wraiths the vet squad jumped out of their transport flamed and demo charged the wraiths the psykers, hydra chimeras and the ratlings added to the fire taking them out eventually turn 3 but not until he’d killed the vet squad turn 4 saw the chimera fly forward and tank shock the warriors out of the ruins they were hiding in. the psykers hit them with the run away power and they legged it game over

1750 spearhead annihilation.
The first 1750 was against grey knights the game lasted 5 turns as it took that long for all his units to arrive the guy was really unlucky as he fed 2 units a turn into my fire the 2 psyker squads definitely proved their worth causing the terminator unit to continuously peg it off towards the table edge. The command squads dealt with his dread knight? (Monstrous creature termie thing).
All in all a slow game due to his poor reserve rolls.

1750 dawn of war seize ground 5 objectives.

Another grey knight army this time a termie based one 3 units of termies 2 dreadknights a grand master and a heavy purgation sq with 4 psycannons.

I deployed first used the infantry platoon and the vet sq and a command sq to shrink his deployment area to 6’’ placed all of my plasma and melta weapons and my vendetta on my right flank and the punishers and hydras on the left accompanied by the 2 psyker squads and the bane wolf turn 1 saw no action other than the deployment his turn 1 saw his termies advance and run onto the table as far away from my spec wpn squads, right in front of the punishers.

Turn 2 saw the punishers and the hydras open up on the master and his termie sq the sanctioned psykers reduced his LD to 2 he failed ran away to the board edge, the van opened up and killed off 3 of the purgation sq and the manticore killed and pinned another. his turn 2 saw a dread knight come on the table from my left flank blowing 1 hydra turn 3 saw a repeat of the punishers killing all bar 1 of his 2nd big sq of termies the dread was killed by a combo of the other hydra and the vendetta and the manticore pinned a termie squad without the aid of the psykers -1 to ld for indirect ordinance his turn 3 saw the other dread arrive on my right flank where it blew the vendetta he shot at the big inf platoon killed 1 from his masters sq shot with the remaining single termie into the same sq missed with the shots and then fluffed his attacks the platoon slapped the guy silly

Turn 4 saw the command squad turn and kill the dread knight on their flank with bring it down.
Front rank killed off the termie attached to the master and took a wound off him too the punishers opened up on him as well the hydra killed off 2 termies from the last squad and the manticore killed another the psykers added their weight to this as well.

He stopped the game there.

1750 capture and control against necrons

This was the stereotypical tournie cron list stormlord 2 7 man warrior squads in ghost arks, 5 scarab bases 9 tomb spyders 6 wraiths and a annihilation barge. He deployed first.
I scouted my vendetta towards imotep’s ghost ark with the vets inside stopped 12’’ from the wraiths in front. I seized!!! The vets disembarked hit the wraith sq with as much as they could the ven searchlighted the ghost ark and removed it’s quantum shielding and the hydras killed it. This was repeated later on in the game when the second ark turned up.

The manticore targeted the scarabs hit 3 of the 5 killed them doubled the no if wounds due to instant death and removed the squad now those tomb spyders were pointless

The only way that Michael could now win was to wipe me out as he had no troop units left and he was too far from his objective though he did try it with a single annoying cryptek that just refused to die but after showing him that you must take the shortest route to any unit you are charging it was obvious that the game was over the game went 5 turns and this was the closest I came to a draw let alone a loss all weekend.

The last game was against elder, spearhead kill points.
He had an avatar, wraithlord, 8 harlequins, 7 banshees in a wave serpent, 2x 8 dire avengers, 8 striking scorpions, 6 dark reapers, 6 warp spiders and a autarch with fusion blaster.

He had the first turn and flew towards me as fast as he could he did manage to pop one of my punishers. The howling banshees and autarch disembarked from the wave serpent so the autarch could use his fusion blaster against the punishers he hit but got an 11 as he wasn’t within 6’’.

My turn 1 saw the avatar die to the command squad, bane wolf and the vendetta the wraithlord died to the other command sq the harlequins were punished to a man, the bane wolf killed all bar one of the banshees and hit the avatar with it’s chem cannon taking it’s final wound the psykers both combo’d onto the banshee sq and caused them to flee taking the autarch with it.

Turn 2 saw the dark reapers take out one of the command squads, the vet squad was killed off by the dire avengers blade storm after failing miserably to take them out when they had the chance his striking scorpions outflanked and assaulted my infantry squad (for this game I’d kept them as separate squads) killing them the warp spiders deep striked down behind my hydras stunning one and blowing the other but he failed 2 dangerous terrain tests so lost 25% of the squad passed his LD check though, the wave serpent rammed the bane wolf but didn’t cause any damage to it but managed to immobilise itself in the process

my turn 2 saw the bane wolf take out a dire avenger sq the punisher slotted the dark reapers I failed the front rank on the inf sq to gun down the scorpions and couldn’t kill them off the hydra moved 12 and pop’d smoke the psykers chimera’s killed the warp spiders the command sq destroyed the bright lance attached to the wave serpent.

His turn 3 he killed off the manticore forgot that he’d blade stormed the previous turn so couldn’t shoot then he called the game at the beginning of my turn 3.

All in all. Only 1 that was even close, and that was due to not having read the cron codex completely, and luck on his part. 5 games 5 wins and the tournie champion

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