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 Why you should always look OR Why you should not always trust H

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PostSubject: Why you should always look OR Why you should not always trust H   Tue May 15, 2012 8:28 pm

Last night Henry and I played a 1750 point game.

In the first turn I used my first Solar Pulse (Night fighting for my opponent). In my first turn Henry pointed out that if he suffered night fighting then that also rolled into my turn so I could not fire with out rolling first. We did discuss this but ultimately I conferred and played night fighting for my self as well. In turn 2 the same thin happened. In turn 3 he assaulted me with his Deathstar HQ unit.

Later on I was reading through the BRB and on page 9 it refers to the fact that in any codex or the BRB if it refers to "Turn" it means the PLAYER TURN and not GAME TURN.

Had this have been the case then the whole outcome of the game would have been totally different. Henrys 3 assault units would have taken a severe beating over 2 turns and reached me in a conciderably worse state than they did, if they had reached me at all. (1 unit of assault marines would have been wiped by Death Marks but was not and then tied Death Marks up who could have jumped to shoot at the marked Deathstar HQ unit!)

So there you go. I took Henrys word for some thing and should have checked it out and for my laxness it cost me the game, the result of which could have been VERY VERY different.

Learn from my mistakes!

And Henry this is not me having a go at you. You cant know every rule for every army!

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Why you should always look OR Why you should not always trust H
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